Canteen Helpers


Hey guys,
I’m looking for a couple of extraordinary people to help run the canteen while Snr Reserves and Snr Womens play (and shortly after the game ends) this week..from 1.15 to around 3.15ish. I am, as quite a few of our adult helpers are, unavailable at this time because i/we play. If anyone would be so kind to step up and fill in.. even if you can only help for 30mins…I would so appreciate it. Generally when games are on the canteen is fairly quiet.. makes it nice and easy to restock any items that we may have sold out of in this time so the canteen can be prepared for the “end of game rush”. More than happy to meet you earlier in the day and give you the run down of the easiest way to go about things. Please don’t forget to ask parents, partners or any other spectators that accompany you to games to see if they can please assist us. I’d be so grateful!
If they don’t have team app, I can be contacted on 0428889586.
Thanks muchly,
Tahli. (Canteen Manager)

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