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The Football Athlete are providing FREE LIVE ONLINE FOOTBALL TRAINING SESSIONS. We wanted to create a place for Korumburra City SC 11-16-year-old football players to:

1.Maintain their health & physical activity
2.Maintain their social connectedness
3.Maintain their football skills and conditioning

It is FREE

Why Is This So Awesome?
• Access to 15+ live sessions a week means there’s always going to be sessions that works for you
• Sessions will either work on football fitness or ball mastery
• Sessions are delivered live by ex A-League Strength & Conditioning Coach giving you access to one of the best coaches in Aus.
• Sessions are specific to players ages to make sure we’re training your child to their ability
• All our live sessions require only bodyweight or a ball

How Do I Join the Free Online Football Academy?
1. Follow this link to our Facebook group: Aus Online Football Academy

2. Request Access to the Group
3. Fill out the parent consent form in the groups announcements section.

How Do I Join A Live Training Session?
1. Use the timetable in the group to find a session that works for you.
2. 5 minutes before the session starts, enter the Facebook group and wait for a video to go live.
3. When the live video appears in the news feed, click it to fill your screen. Follow along.

How Much Does It Cost?
Zero, zip, zilch, nada = $0
In keeping this free, all that we ask is that you PLEASE share this. Tell your friends about the group, invite members to the group, whatever it is, we would appreciate anything you can do to help get this out to every young footballer in the country right now!

Who Is It For?
All football players (boys and girls) aged 11-16 years old.

When Do The Sessions Start?
Training begins 23rd March 2020.

How Do I Get My Club Involved?
We’d love have to all your 11-16 year-old players involved. You can:
1. Forward this email on to all of your parents
2. Share the link to our facebook group to all your social media channels

2 is always better than 1 so if you could do both of the above we’d massive appreciate it. We are trying to help as many young football players as we can right now and we need your help.

Let’s all keep safe, healthy and kids practicing the sport they love!


Jeremy Scott
Owner | The Football Athlete

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